Tuesday, January 20, 2015

To My Loving Husband

(I gifted this poem to my hubby on his first birthday post our marriage)

I was just kind of dragging along in life,
Until one day, I decided to become Jagdish's wife!

We did not meet each other often during our courtship,
Yet, we managed to develop a bond much more than friendship!

From his behaviour, he is at times North Indian, sometimes South Indian,
When he becomes naughty, he behaves like a comedian.

He often cracks PJs and together we have lots of fun,
He is not only a loving husband but also a responsible son!

He values time and is always very punctual,
Going to Ayappa temple every Sat is his weekly ritual.

He never procrastinates and hates to keep things pending,
He does not think too much when it comes to spending.

He thinks through things and has a good reasoning ability,
He can read people well and communicates with great clarity.

In many respects, he is pretty quick while I am slow,
He knows how to cheer me up when I am feeling low.

He has been a doting, caring and a very loving husband,
I am sure to have his unwavering support till the very end!

I am very happy to have him for company for the rest of my life,
I now feel extremely proud to say that I am Jagdish's wife!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Tribute to my Mentor

(I penned these lines on Megha's farewell)

Oh, I always dreamt of working in her team,
At that time, a very far-fetched thought it did seem.

Then, one fine day, the stars governing my fortune shone bright,
She asked me if I wished to work with her – I said ‘all right’!

I was full of awe by her grace, professionalism and conduct,
She focused on people in her team and ‘work’ followed as a by-product.

She had this uncanny ability to communicate crystal clearly,
She went the extra mile to understand each of us thoroughly.

She emphasized on the understanding and purpose behind every task,
She always had a suitable answer to any and every question we’d ask.

She was the ‘queen’ when it concerned formatting & documentation,
Whether it be excel, word or any powerpoint presentation.

She always tried to find solutions to problems and had ready alternatives,
During her stay here at BSLI, she took up a whole lot of initiatives.

Through morning meetings, open discussions, phone and Lync,
She ensured that her team operated in perfect ‘Sync’.

She was a smart, influential, effective and passionate boss,
Without her planning & prioritizing, deadlines would’ve gone for a toss.

She understood the meaning of our responses by the tone of her voice,
To agree or not to whatever she said, we exercised a choice.

She was the rare manager, who constantly engaged in one-to-one sessions,
I learnt just by observing and talking to her, a lot of life’s lessons.

When it came to building a team, she was a manager class apart,
It is indeed difficult for us in her team to see her depart.

I tried to write about this amazing lady, as much as I can,
This poem is for you, Megha, from a die-hard fan!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

To the Appointed Actuary of BSLI on her farewell

(I penned these lines on Priscilla's farewell)

With Priscilla, we have shared a lot of good times,
I make an attempt here to describe her in a few lines.

For all of us in her team, she was a pillar of support,
With each of us, she managed to build a good rapport.

She rose to great heights in her tenure spanning nearly 12 years,
She handled them all with gusto, though her priorities shifted gears.

Stories of her achievements were ample,
Despite that, she chose to remain simple!

She was always interested in each of our actuarial exam progress,
If we faced any problems at work, she was always there to address.

She was well known for being a very effective leader,
Many would agree that she was also a great mind-reader!

In the mornings, she sometimes took the company bus,
From her cabin, she kept an eye on each one of us.

She was always encouraging and always approachable,
In her mind, there was nothing that was not achievable.

She touched each one of us in some or the other way,
May God give her good health & happiness is what we pray!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Thoughts on the Crackle Girl

(I wrote this one in her wedding personal thoughts book)

If I were to think about Elvy for a while,
First thing that comes to mind is her smile!

My interaction with her dates back to the cricketing days,
She’s known to pull my leg in so many ways!

She is the master of SQL queries in toad,
Being a quick-thinker, she has the ability to handle any workload!

There is hardly any SQL query that she cannot tackle,
But for every problem she solves, she demands a CRACKLE!

Elvy and Diago – you both make a very great couple,
May your joys follow exponential distribution and not just double!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

To my first Actuarial friend

(I pen these lines for my dear friend, Bhargavi, who has been with me since my SNDT days)

She is a very good, caring and loving friend of mine,
It’s very difficult to describe her in just one line!

She is a Libran in the true sense of the word,
She can be friends with anyone in this world!

We used to have lot of fun during our SNDT days,
It’s from here, that our friendship grew in many ways!

She is good at sending messages, but rarely answers calls,
Nevertheless, she manages to keep in touch with all her pals!

Its mostly at Examination halls, that we now meet,
She has a charm about her, that no one can beat!

She is intelligent, good looking and always smiling,
One of those few gems, who derive happiness in others’ well being!

She is kind-hearted and of a very helping nature,
Of all her qualities, this is her most striking feature!

She is one of my closest friends, whom I can fully depend,
Not just for today, tomorrow; but till the very end!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Small Reply to the girl who wrote a poem for me

(I wrote this in reply to Nithya's poem during my last few days in WNS)

The poem you wrote really touched my heart!
So much so that I learnt it byheart!

I'll greatly miss 'You', my dear friend,
To always keep in touch, I intend!

You have been my best company in my WNS days,
I wonder how helpful u've been, as we part our ways!

When I think of the kind of person you have been to me,
An everlasting friendship between us, I forsee!

In all your endeavours, I wish you the very best!
And I hope and pray that you clear life's every test!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

To The Girl Who Turned 25 on 25th December, 2008……

(This poem is a small token of love for my friend, Mansi)

It’s been quite nice to have met a friend like her,
I pen these lines as she turns 25 on 25th December.

She is a smart, lively and enthusiastic girl from Jaipur,
She likes to watch all movies, be it a Khan or a Kapoor.

She is very fond of Hindi songs and is a great movie buff,
To beat her at watching movies is really tough.

She has purity of heart and the innocence of a child,
Sometimes, she plays naughty pranks, though she’s basically mild.

She is a thoughtful person and has a wit that’s extraordinary,
She has all the ingredients to become a successful Actuary.

She loves to do new things and is very curious,
I regard her friendship to be very precious.

All in all, she’s a girl with a lot of dreams, that she wishes to fulfill,
I’m sure she’ll be able to realize all of them, even if they seem uphill.